Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I am NOW NO LONGER a FatCow customer!

UPDATED AUG 13, 2010:

It has come to my attention that there has been a number of people googling "Fatcow sucks" or similar phrases in google and often they get thrown onto this page.

One Hosting Review site even links to my page...


They failed to mention their website hosted with fatcow, and I am more then certain is not hosting with I don’t see any affiliate links. But I question why someone thinks its ok to pay $20 for a domain when there are tons of fine companies out there you can find without doing much research for cheaper."

Well to answer your question, i did do some research but according to your statement, not much.

My only defence was that i thought i was going to stick with Fatcow for the long run and therefore figured the $20 as a one-off payment for not having registered a domain was not a big deal.

Had i known i was being ripped off, i wouldn't have signed up with them.

With so many Webhosting review sites online, it’s hard to differentiate those who are telling the truth and those who are not. And with so many bogus sites out there tricking customers into believing that they are getting a good deal, how is one to make the right decision.

Maybe i was naive to think that i got a good deal. And maybe i didn't do enough research.

But it's been over a year and in that time i can honestly raise my hand and say, i was a very unsatisfied Fatcow customer.

For the main reason that the tuturials were so complicated to use and the package i signed up for was misleading. I wasn't even able to put a generic Under Construction page as Fatcow had promised.

I had applied for a Minimoo package, which i assumed i could upload just a simple page that i had designed - no flash, not even rollovers. Just an opening page that informs my clients or future ones, where they can reach me. But unfortunately something simple couldn't even be done.

Obviously, they didn't tell me that prior to signing up with them.

So basically to cut the long story short, it was a waste of money. And sad to say, Yes, Fatcow does suck and i did not renew my membership when the one year was up.

The post below is the one that i had originally made and one that many have already read, so should you feel the need to read it go ahead but my advice is to check out other hosting sites.

Good luck!


After little debate and much research, i've decided that FatCow will be my web hosting company. All thanks to Boobers who helped me find it online. They're even #1 on the Top Cheap Hosts Reviews List and that must count for something!

After reading up on their package [not like i understood everything. All that lingo is like foreign words to me which is why i needed the opinion of my sister], it seemed pretty good. The overall design is cute [i'm thinking they were aiming for the "girl" market with their cuteness] and overall, it looks like thought has been put into the small details. I like that.

For instance if you click on the Get Started button and you're introduced to the The Original FatCow Plan. First thing i noticed was the dairy theme and that the Designer even layed out the package contents like those Nutrition Labels on Cereal boxes, which i thought was SUPER cute [oh gawd. Why do i sound like Paris?] No but seriously, i like it when Designers put thought behind their Design.

So then i wanted to read other reviews and i came across this one site titled, Even The Best Hostings Suck Sometimes: Searching for Hostings that Suck the Least. Straight to the point heading but exactly what we're all in search for. In the review they searched keywords such as "Fatcow sucks", "Fatcow scam", "Fatcow issues", "Fatcow problems" and out of 10,000 SERP PAGES about Fatcow being a sucky hosting company, they were only able to come up with 15! "This is still extremely good considering other hostings we have looked at have way worst ratio. The hate pages is actually negligible." [Read it here].

So that got me and i've finally signed up with a MiniMoo account.

It is relatively cheaper and my needs are by far very basic. They "...created the MiniMoo as a way to get started on the Web with not just a domain name and an e-mail address, but also access to all sorts of site-building and management tools. You can post a generic "under construction page" page until you're ready for a full FatCow, or you can use our site building tool to build your very own page." [Read more here].

All for $5/year.

But what they don't mention is, is when you register there is an additional $20 for those who don't actually own a registered domain name yet. Which is me. But that's ok, $25 is still heaps cheaper than the other sites i've seen.

They accept credit card and even PayPal.

I haven't got a PayPal account but Boobers does! So she bought it for me as an early birthday pressie... THANKS BOOBERS! So technically, my first year is free... Yippee! After which, i reckon, i'll have had my website done [i give myself 1 year] and then i can upgrade and i'll be legible to have all the other goodies. But apparently with MiniMoo they even have Step-By-Step Tutorials which makes Life so much easier when you have no idea where to begin and you're actually web-building retarded. Like me.

Oh and the best part was, when Boobers went onto the Live Chat to ask a question about why i wasn't able to log in. There was immediate live customer service! How cool is that?! You could even see one of the Moo Crew typing away in the box, i guess that's what they mean by Live Chat. I would have thought with the time difference, people would be fast a sleep. Or like with one other hosting company [not naming them of course], one must send an email and only if you're lucky within 24 hours you get a reply.

So yes. Now we must wait for the payment to go through [which should take a few days but i'm in no rush]. So i guess that means i can tick off one thing off my list... Yay for me! And no, i'm not being paid by any company to say nice things about their sites. I'm not that popular.


Anonymous said...

I'm new to FatCow too. Need to warn you: doesn't matter what a rep or supervisor tells you - they have ZERO authority and if it's to do with anything $, they get an override by the [mysterious] "billing" department (that you can never talk to). They owe me several credits but wil NOT pay now.

Anonymous said...

fatcow sucks on mysql connection, there's a downtime around 30 - 40 minutes everyday

check it with

Fat Cow Review said...

Hi there, congratulations on getting a host of your favor!! I do hosting review and FatCow is listed as my #1 hosting at the time being. They are indeed a good host in term of features and pricing. Yup the brand cuteness is definitely their marketing strategy but that doesn't mean they want to aim only girls' market. I'm a guy and I love the cute thought they have too :)

Please do post about the performance of FatCow after some time. I would be happy to check that out from a real customer like you :)


Latest Game & Tech Posts said...

FatCow hosting is the best! I am hosted by FatCow and I've got to say, their plan is really nice. I have a "moopon"!

B.J. said...

My website:
It is always available, but…
For me as a costumer big problem is when I can not send emails from their WebMail. I can not send emails at all, from all my internal email service. I can receive but I can not send them. That’s annoying me. I waiting almost 48 hours and their specialists can not resolve the problem. I am losing because I can not do my email marketing. If you want to do your email marketing, please do not take hosting from Fatcow!
You can, but you will loose your money.
If you want to loose it, your are welcome.

Anonymous said...

Please people dont waste your money on fatcow web hosting they are asses they delete wordpress websites also they try to steal your money when you did cancel renewal they dont offer php soap even cheap web host offer that they truly are garbage AVIOD AVIOD AVIOD PLEASE

Anonymous said...

I wish I have seen this post earlier... Yes, people, don't waste your money on this crappy cow.

Their 30-day money-back guarantee is a trap. Thing goes right then it's fine. If not, you may try to ask them for your money back. And you will be very likely experience what I've experienced. "Sorry sir, we can only give you back half of what you paid"...

Fatcow is powered by 100% wind energy... and irresponsibility...